Top 8 Best Natural Tanning Lotions of 2020

Best Natural Tanning Lotions

The tanning process developed from tanning under the sun to tan without the sun. This gives you a range of options, and an array of products with so much choice is tricky to choose. But one thing is common that the natural products are best, and the best natural tanning lotion contains loads of moisturization capability. Below given are eight such products with various options like gradual color or dark color, which further narrows down your needs.

FRESHMEN Self Tanner – Sunless Tanning Lotion

The sun free tanning lotion by Freshmen does not clog pores and offers steak free tanning. It gives a natural-looking tan by correcting your tints and provides the foolproof color. Natural extracts along with Aloe vera and Vitamin E keep your skin hydrated. You will have your glowing tanned skin and also well moisturized once finished. Application is easy, and the results are promising when you use this self-tanner lotion.

Jergens Natural Glow Self-Tanning +Firming Body Lotion

The Jergens self-tanning lotion repairs your body profoundly and improves its overall look from inside. Further, this is a gradual tanning lotion that enhances the color as you use it. It also improves your skin health by using collagen, green tea extracts, and elastin that help in reducing the appearance of cellulite.

The anti-oxidant and nutrient-rich moisturization using coconut water add maximum hydration to this lotion. The natural tanning lotion, when used daily, provides steak free tan with plenty of moisturization.

Sun Bum Browning Lotion Vegan and Reef Friendly

The Sun Bum outdoor sun tanning lotion is cruelty-free, hypoallergic, and vegan product. It is reef-friendly and hence safe to use while at the beach without causing any environmental damage. It has natural elements and also has few exotic natural ingredients that provide enhanced tan in less time when compared to other outdoor tanning lotions. Also, it deeply hydrates your skin, and that is one of the top quality every best outdoor tanning lotion should have.

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Tips to Effectively Combat the Two Most Common Health Issues During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings a lot of surprises with it, and some are good where some are not. The health issues that surface from time to time are cold with nasal congestion and edema in legs. While these two seem to be petty issues can be very annoying if not treated.

best compression socks pregnancy

Edema In Legs

You need excess of many things during pregnancy, and body fluids are one of them, and this excess fluid gravitates towards extremities as a natural action. So, this causes swelling in the legs and makes you uncomfortable. Further, this can be relieved by using the best compression socks pregnancy as they help in boosting the circulation, helping the blood and liquids to circulate throughout the body.

How to Choose a Compression Sock?

The most important factors to be considered before buying compression socks are as follows.

  • Fit: It must feel snug with just a little pressure and not like they are squeezing your legs and extremely tight.
  • Length: There are ankle length, calf length, knee-high length, or pantyhose kind of compression socks. Choose according to your need and comfort.
  • Compression Level: Different compression levels are ranging from 10 to 30 with a 3 step break up into mild, moderate, and firm categories.
  • Gradient Compression: The compression of the socks fade as you move away from the feet towards the upper body. These are great for long time use.

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6 Reasons For Hair Loss And How to Treat It

All of us shed some amount of hair every day, and it is normal. However, if you notice a significant amount of hair loss on, then something is not right. Still, we will suggest you do not worry and stress about it. In the case of both females and males, baldness happens because of extreme hair loss. There can be many reasons related to hair loss. The changes in hair texture and frizzy feel or split ends are the initial signs that we ignore before hair loss problems.

Hair Loss

We are presenting an extensive study of the causes of hair loss and treatment.

Causes of Hair Loss

There are issues like genes, hormones, pollution, etc. that can affect your hair texture and cause hair loss. Check the following reasons for better understanding:

Androgenic Alopecia

It is a term for baldness, which is mainly found in men and women due to their genes. In this situation, individuals lose their hair from the crown area. Hair thinning is the first symptom of this problem. According to hair experts, it is said that Androgenic Alopecia can start at any age.

You can try applying herbal shampoos or even castor oil for better hair growth. If you are still going through a large amount of hair loss, then immediately consult a doctor.


Few women experience hair loss during their pregnancy. It is either due to the medication that is prescribed to them or hormonal changes occurring then. The decrease level of estrogen mostly affects the hair during pregnancy. However, health care professionals are always opinion not to worry about it, like hair loss during pregnancy is a temporary phase.

You can try the voluminous best shampoos for hair loss and conditioners during this time. Try avoiding intensifying conditioners, as they can be too heavy for your hair and scalp.

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