Top 8 Best Natural Tanning Lotions of 2020

Best Natural Tanning Lotions

The tanning process developed from tanning under the sun to tan without the sun. This gives you a range of options, and an array of products with so much choice is tricky to choose. But one thing is common that the natural products are best, and the best natural tanning lotion contains loads of moisturization capability. Below given are eight such products with various options like gradual color or dark color, which further narrows down your needs.

FRESHMEN Self Tanner – Sunless Tanning Lotion

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The sun free tanning lotion by Freshmen does not clog pores and offers steak free tanning. It gives a natural-looking tan by correcting your tints and provides the foolproof color. Natural extracts along with Aloe vera and Vitamin E keep your skin hydrated. You will have your glowing tanned skin and also well moisturized once finished. Application is easy, and the results are promising when you use this self-tanner lotion.

Jergens Natural Glow Self-Tanning +Firming Body Lotion

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The Jergens self-tanning lotion repairs your body profoundly and improves its overall look from inside. Further, this is a gradual tanning lotion that enhances the color as you use it. It also improves your skin health by using collagen, green tea extracts, and elastin that help in reducing the appearance of cellulite.

The anti-oxidant and nutrient-rich moisturization using coconut water add maximum hydration to this lotion. The natural tanning lotion, when used daily, provides steak free tan with plenty of moisturization.

Sun Bum Browning Lotion Vegan and Reef Friendly

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The Sun Bum outdoor sun tanning lotion is cruelty-free, hypoallergic, and vegan product. It is reef-friendly and hence safe to use while at the beach without causing any environmental damage. It has natural elements and also has few exotic natural ingredients that provide enhanced tan in less time when compared to other outdoor tanning lotions. Also, it deeply hydrates your skin, and that is one of the top quality every best outdoor tanning lotion should have.

Beauty by EarthSelf Tanner Lotion- Organic & Natural Ingredients

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The Beauty by Earth sunless and organic tanning lotion provides you streak less and spotless fake tan. You will look gorgeous with the nutrients loaded into your skin from the natural ingredients instead of chemical fillers like in other tanning lotions. The gradual tan enhancement comes without facing any UV rays, and hence you will are safe from cancer but still have a glowing tan.

Hempz, Hydro Max, Dark Indoor Tanning Salon Lotion

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Hempz is made of oil from hemp seeds and is 100% natural. So, this is a lightweight lotion yet provides moisturization despite being non-greasy. The fruit extracts and especially the Vitamin C extract, helps give the natural glow to the skin.

It contains a blend of tanners that provide support to achieve dark rich tanning effects during indoor tanning. It is the best indoor tanning lotion if you are looking for rich, long-lasting color with silky soft, firm and moisturized skin after tanning.

GOLDEN STAR BEAUTYSelf Tanner – Natural Tanning Lotion

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The USA made organic cum natural tanning lotion that tans your skin without sun time is one of the most quality products among tanning lotions. Along with its selected ingredients, it is also famous for its pleasant smell that is usually not present in tanning lotions. It does not feel sticky, and it does not clog your pores that give additional skin issues but gives a flawless glowing tanned body. Another best thing about this lotion is that it does not stain your clothes.

Dave’s Dark Self Tanner Sunless Tanning Lotion

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The Dave’s moisturizing tanner with bronzer achieves dark tan that looks natural. Ingredients like aloe vera, jojoba, and sesame used in this lotion are all-natural ingredients that give soft skin. It has a pump for easy application and has instant bronzer to guide you through the application of the lotion. This lotion does not contain any fragrance or other harmful chemicals to harm your skin. Also, it is cruelty-free.

Botanic Tree Self Tanner Lotion for Flawless Skin

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Botanic tree self-tanner lotion tans you without the help of the sun. Along with providing you flawless skin, this tanning lotion also dries quickly and keeps your sheets from staining. The non-orange look, non-oily feel when using this lotion, are its best qualities appreciated by its users. The natural ingredients like shea butter and grape seed oil, along with many other beneficial compounds, provide the best tan as well as nourish your skin.


Natural ingredient products are more nourishing and safer than chemical-induced products. The best natural tanning lotion helps you achieve even and natural-looking skin tone along with hydration. This list covers all types of tanning lotions, such as indoor, outdoor, and self-tanning. It includes even dark tanners.