Top 6 Best Sun Protection for Tattoos to Protect and Prevent Fading

Best Sun Protection for Tattoos

Protecting your tattoos from the sun is essential as the UVA and UVB rays fade your tattoos. Applying a sunscreen not only provides immediate protection to the tattoo but also revives it and makes it look healthier. Hence make sure you take advantage of these products to keep your tattoo safeguarded.

Australian Gold SPF 50 Tattoo Stick

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This tattoo stick sunscreen offers SPF 50 and protects your tattoo from sun rays. Your inked skin stays protected from fade as well as recovers quickly when you apply this stick sunscreen. It spreads easily on your skin and acts as a deep moisturizer that keeps your skin from cracking and drying.

Sun Bum Original SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion

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The original formula of Sun Bum is Vitamin E enriched sunscreen lotion with an SPF 30 protection. It provides shielding from UVA/UVB rays of the sun when you are outdoors. This formula is water-resistant, oil-free, reef-friendly, and non-comedogenic.

You get 80 minutes of sun protection when you apply it before 15 minutes of going out. Reapplying it every 2 hours will provide complete sun protection all day long. As this lotion also moisturizes your skin, your tattoos look fresh and crisp, along with protection from fading.

All Good Sport Mineral Sunscreen Lotion – SPF 30

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It is the best tattoo care product due to its mineral-based active sun protection with SPF 30. The natural ingredients are farm-grown and offer excellent support to repair your damaged skin. Hence it is capable of soothing the tattooed skin and protecting it from the sun’s rays.

Its synthetic-free ingredients are environmentally friendly, and it is biodegradable and coral reef friendly. You do not expose your body to any petroleum, lanolin, dyes, gluten, or any skin-irritating chemicals, so it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Tattoo Care SunscreenSPF 30+ Ointment for Tattoo

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This tattoo ointment with SPF 30+ carries a light, refreshing fragrance that reminds you of summer. As it is made from natural ingredients, it is capable of deep nourishing your skin along with protecting it. You can keep your tattoos looking fresh for a longer time when you apply this product. Moreover, it is tested for all skin types and does not contain any allergens or parabens.

Tattoo Goo Renew Enhancing Lotion SPF 30

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Renew your old faded black ink tattoos to look vibrant using the enhancing lotion by Tattoo Goo. Its SPF 30 protects your tattoo and prevents it from further fading. The Vitamin E, D, and A enriched Olive oil-based formula act as a curative to the pierced skin. This super-emollient formulation is highly moisturizing that helps in rejuvenating even the older tattoos. It is non-greasy and feels silky after application.

Banana Boat Sunscreen Ultra Defense Spray

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The sunscreen mist provides ultra-defense against the sun, which keeps the tattoos protected from the adverse effects of the sun. It is quick, easy to apply, and covers challenging to reach spots. It has 80 minutes of stay time and water resistance, which is suitable to apply while swimming or at the beach.

Its SPF 100 effectively blocks 99% of harmful rays, making it the best sunscreen for tattoo as it gives ultimate shielding from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. The lightweight formulation keeps your skin breathable. This easy-grip spray can have a twist n lock spray that does not require removal of the cap.


The regular moisturization and nourishment products you use to condition your tattoo are fine till you are not exposed to the sun. However, when you are outdoors, you need SPF protection to keep the harmful sun rays from damaging your tattoos.