Clear Your Doubts on Gel Polish – DND Gel Polish FAQ

Women and nail polish are inseparable. Though gel polish is one of the most favored nail manicures, doubts persist about the correct usage of DND gel polish. This FAQ section aims to clear the air about DND nail polish.

1. Is the gel manicure job the same as nail polish?

Though the names look similar, gel polish is different from nail polish in many ways. A gel polish manicure uses a gel that looks similar to nail polish. The procedure requires a basecoat, a couple of coats of color, followed by a topcoat layer. The difference is that each stage of the manicure requires curing under a UV lamp.

The gel polish differs from the conventional nail polish job because of its unique glossy look that lasts for more than two weeks without chipping off. Once the gel becomes dry, it does not smudge.

2. Can you cure gel polish without using a UV or LED lamp?

Technically, the answer should be Yes. The sun has UV rays. Hence, it should be possible to cure the nail polish by drying your fingers in the sun. However, a lot depends on the brightness levels and the gel polish brand you use. A top brand like DND gel nail polish can cure well under the sun. Nevertheless, it is easier to do so under a UV or LED lamp. Besides, the UV and LED lamps are not that expensive.

3. What is the fundamental difference between a UV and LED lamp?

An LED lamp is a better option than the UV lamp because it can cure basecoats and topcoats within 30 to 60 seconds. A UV lamp takes much longer. Besides, exposure to UV rays can harm your skin. There are no such issues with LED lights. However, the gel polish cures harder when you use a UV lamp.

4. Does gel polish harm your nails?

Gel polish does not harm your nails. However, you should ensure to use quality products. Cheap nail polish can damage your nails. However, one should be careful when removing gel polish. Using inappropriate methods can cause your nails to chip off.

5. How can I rectify and repair my dry nails and cuticles?

Incorrect buffing can cause the nails to become dry. Acetone is a critical component of nail polish removers. Using acetone and buffing your nails hard cause the nail to become dehydrated and chip off. One should take care to buff the new nail growth alone and not the entire nail.

Secondly, hydrating the nails is critical for their health. One way of doing so is to maintain a healthy diet. One can also give breaks between two successive manicures to let the nail regain its health and moisture levels. Massaging the nail with cuticle oil can also help to repair dry nails and cuticles.

6. Are there better methods of removing gel polish than the foil method?

Yes, there are better methods where you soak your entire nails in acetone. It will still require 15 minutes of soaking to remove the polish. However, acetone can harm your skin and nails by dehydrating them.

7. Can I combine nail polish with gel polish?

Generally, you do not use nail polish in combination with gel polish. Gel polish requires curing under a UV lamp whereas nail polish does not. However, there are some ways where DND gel polish colors can combine. The result is not as encouraging as a regular gel polish manicure.

One way is to use the nail polish as a sandwich layer between the gel polish basecoat and topcoat. However, your nail polish should dry out before you apply the topcoat. The ideal time gap should be 24 hours.

Another way is to go for a regular gel polish manicure but skip the color. After you remove the tacky payer, you can apply nail polish over the gel.

8. Why are gel polish bottles always opaque?

Gel polish gets cured when exposed to UV rays. If there were transparent bottles, the UV rays from the sun or your light sources could cure the gel polish inside the bottle and make it worthless. Thus, these bottles are opaque.

9. Do dark colors require more time for curing?

Yes, dark colors need something between 60 to 90 seconds of curing under an LED lamp. It is much longer in the case of a UV lamp.

10. What is a flash cure?

A flash cure is nothing but a quick cure. You put your hands under the lamp for about five to 10 seconds for a flash cure. It helps to prevent wrinkling and shrinking of gel polish.


We have shared some critical FAQs on gel and nail polish. It should help to clarify matters. Do keep watching this post for more FAQs on nail polish.