DND Nail Polish – Stay Away from the Big 3

No one can argue with the fact that nail polish enhances the overall physical beauty of the woman. In the grand old days, the ingredients that went into the manufacture of nail polish were purely organic or plant-based. With increasing commerciality, the world switched over to nail polish made with artificial coloring. Today, the nail polish industry has turned a complete circle and comes back to its roots. However, one should be aware of the presence of toxic chemicals in your nail polish. Please check out the ingredients list and look out for the Big Three.

Let us explore what the Big Three is, and understand the importance of using high-quality organic, vegan-based nail polish like DND nail polish.

The Big Three

As you pore through the ingredients list of nail polish, you will find a host of chemicals like dimethyl adipate, butyl acetate, heptane, and many more. These chemicals are harmless, but you should focus on these three names, also referred to as the Big Three.

  • Dibutyl Phthalate – DBP
  • Toluene
  • Formaldehyde

Let us discuss what these three toxic chemicals are and why one should avoid them like the plague.

Dibutyl Phthalate – A Plasticizer

A plasticizer is a chemical combination that makes things more flexible. Dibutyl Phthalate has been certified as a toxic substance because of its low acute and chronic toxicity. Though human studies have not been published, tests done on animals point out these issues. The short-term effects are eye irritation, nausea, and mild irritation to the skin, mouth, throat, and nose. It can also have long-term damaging effects on the male reproductive system.

Toluene – A Paint thinner

Anyone who has done a paint job would have seen the use of toluene as a paint thinner. Painters also use toluene to remove the paint, sticking to their brushes when cleaning them. This colorless liquid is insoluble in water. Compared to DBP, many tests have been conducted on toluene to certify it as a toxic substance. The physical health problems associated with toluene are numbness, irritation to nose, eyes, and throat, dizziness, and dry skin.

People have been found sensitive to liquid toluene. However, it has tremendous use as a nail polish thinning ingredient. Therefore, the industry allows for toluene to be present at 200 ppm (parts per million). Though nail polish contains much less than this limit, one should check out the ingredients and their proportion on the nail polish bottle.


Though formaldehyde is a common ingredient in various products, it has its perils. Formaldehyde is also present in specific fruits, but meager quantities. FDA does not restrict or regulate the use of formaldehyde in the cosmetics industry, except in the nail polish manufacturing sector. There are specific limits up to which formaldehyde can be used in nail polish products. Nail hardeners can contain up to 5%, whereas it can be up to 0.5% in nail polish. Though the proportion looks meager, it can be dangerous.

Besides the Big Three, there are other toxic chemicals in nail polish, such as TPHP or Triphenyl Phosphate, a hormone-disturbing compound.

It brings us to the question as to whether we should stop using nail polish altogether. The answer is NO, but we should be careful when choosing the right product. DND gel nail polish is one such safe product you can use. Besides, you should order your nail supplies from reputed distributors. We guarantee quality DND nail supplies and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Precautions to take when using nail polish

  • Though toxic chemicals are present in nail polish, one should note that the occasional use does not pose much risk.
  • There should be sufficient ventilation in the rooms when you apply nail polish, especially nail salons.
  • One should avoid contact between the nail polish and the skin. Therefore, taking care of cuticles becomes essential.
  • Use quality products like DND Nail Polish and remember to check out the ingredients before purchasing and using nail polish.
  • Go for vegan-friendly nail polish that is cruelty-free (free from animal testing).
  • DND Nail Polish does not contain the Big Three, and chemicals like resin, xylene, camphor, and Ethyl Tosylamide.

Here are some tips for applying nail polish safely.

Here are timely tips that could help you when applying nail polish.

  • Avoiding harsh chemicals is the best step forward. Check out the ingredients and look out for the Big Three.
  • Use a quality base coat and allow it to dry before applying any color.
  • Two coats of nail polish should be enough for an excellent job.
  • Let the nail polish dry thoroughly, as wet polish can cause smudges and make your nails look ungainly.


One should stay away from toxic chemicals when choosing nail polish. Check out the ingredients carefully and order your professtion nail supplies from reputed distributors.